3 Keys to Elevate the Quality of Clients You Attract

At the end of the day, booking those high end weddings at that higher price point is what will make all the difference so you can work less and make more, and today I’m going to walk you through the 3 things you need to know to receive those clients.

Hi, I’m Rachel Jordan and I am a coach looking to help wedding photographers elevate the quality of wedding photography clients they attract as they build a luxury client experience by focusing on what matters and profitably automating everything else.

Today I want to tell you about 3 keys to elevate the quality of clients you attract so you can book high-end weddings you’ve been dreaming about.

#1: Be your unique, authentic self and showcase your individuality and personality

Peer pressure is strong- I get it, you see “what everyone else is doing” and you find a website style you like, and then you have to figure out how to make it yours.. And the easiest thing is to make it look like everyone else’s. It looks clean, it looks professional, but does it showcase YOU?

Because, here’s the truth, if you look the same as everyone else, you force potential clients to make their choice based on price. And they are actually smart for doing that. Because if you’re considering 3 different jars of jam, and they all look basically the same, why would you buy one that’s 50-60% more expensive? You wouldn’t, right? Because that is the smart thing to do.

When you focus on being authentically you and not just aesthetically pleasing, you will see a big difference in the type of clients you attract pretty much immediately. Why? Because they are attracted to YOU. They want what you uniquely offer that meets their needs and aspirational desires, and that’s when you get to charge more, because they can’t get that anywhere else.

So what makes you unique? What is your genius? What do you value and believe? 

How can you infuse those ideas into your images and copy on your website?

#2: Talk less about the product and more about the process

Here’s the deal, you need to assume that your clients are smart, right? So there’s some things that most clients will probably already know when they are shopping for a wedding photographer.

  • They probably already know what editing style they do or don’t want just from the photos
  • They probably already know that they do want a wedding photographer
  • They know that they want someone who is nice and does a good quality job

It’s basically a GIVEN that your photos speak for themselves about your editing style, it’s a GIVEN that they are looking for someone who does weddings, and it’s a GIVEN that they assume you are a friendly person who is already a good photographer.

Because these things are a given, you can omit them as topics of conversation. So do you need to write about how you have light and airy photos, or bright and colorful photos? Nope.

Do you need to write about the cameras you use, how you shoot in raw, how you always deliver, and you’re not one of those photographers that delivers a crappy product? Nope! Actually, that last one is a great way to attract the wrong clients! 

These types of topics are all about the product you are producing, but here’s the problem: Your clients already know the product you offer—which is photography for their wedding, right?

So what should you talk about then?

You need to talk about the process and the experience you offer that gets them the results they want. Showcase how you meet their exact needs, resolve their exact pain points, and reach their aspirational dreams with the processes that you take them through. 

For instance: I know that my clients tend to care a great deal about feeling relaxed and natural during the time being photographed and they also want to see that genuine natural energy when they look at their finished artwork.  So that’s what I talk about on my website! I talk about how I create that experience for them, but I also showcase my most natural-feeling images.

Talk about the process and the experience, not the product. 

#3: Offer the packages you want to sell. 

Here’s the truth: In order to have effective sales, you need to feel confident in what you are selling. So if you are not confident at the price point you are at and you feel stuck because you really want to be making more, then that points to some deeper mindset work that needs to happen, but for now I want to focus on something you can easily do to move the needle with booking your ideal weddings. 

I remember complaining to myself that I wasn’t booking 5K+ weddings and my excuses went everywhere else but me. “Oh my market is too small”, “no one here will pay that”, “everyone here is too cheap”, blah, blah, blah… 

Then I realized. Was I even offering anyone the opportunity to pay 5K? Was that an option in my packages? 

What I realized is that I didn’t have to start my pricing at a number I was uncomfortable with, but I could 100% make my top package or even my middle package what I actually wanted to be making. 

Because the truth is that your soulmate clients will feel so excited to work with you that they will open up their budget for more. So if you are reaching them, you are attracting them, then you should also be offering them an option to stretch their budget. 

And sure enough, I started booking 5, 6, 7K weddings because my ideal clients decided to book what they really wanted and were already so in love with what we do and the experience we offer that the sale was easy—they sold themselves. 

Remember, YOU have to be excited about what you are offering and booking, or your clients won’t be excited either. So make at least one of your packages a number that you would get goosebumps if someone booked. Something that would make you do a literal happy dance and freak out with excitement.

When you implement all three of these things: Making yourself the unique, individual solution to their aspirational desires and soulfelt needs, someone who has a process and provides the experience they want, as well as pricing that makes it feel like a true investment, you are going to to be magnetically attracting those high end clients, and booking those high end prices!

If you want some personalized help with understanding how to go deeper with attracting your soulmate clients, I offer free 15minute business audits. We’ll go over your website, your behind the scenes processes if you want, and get you some quick actionable steps that you can take right away.

These calls are completely sales-pitch free. It’s just there to help you. If you want to book an audit, you can book one here: https://racheljordaneducation.com/audit/


Rachel Jordan


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