helping wedding professionals and creative service providers

Elevate the quality of clients you attract

and position yourself as the clear choice

by communicating your value and building a relationship that will have clients saying "where do I sign?"

You are meant for more

You are here to do big things, to create something beautiful and meaningful.

You are relentless about upgrading your mindset, your business, your marketing, and are fearlessly breaking through to the next level.

You are ready to embrace the prosperous future that you feel is just around the corner,

while also being present for your family and yourself.

you made it to the right place

how we do it


Elevate the quality
of clients you attract

Get to know YOUR soulmate clients and discover what makes you uniquely qualified to serve them so that you can magnetically attract perfect-for-you people.

Position Yourself
as the clear choice

Clearly communicate your value and what makes you the perfect tailored fit for their vision so that you become the only clear choice for their needs.

Invite the yes

Craft high end packages that sell, and confidently close your premium rates without feeling sales-y so you can create financial stability in your business and life.

Wedding Business Coach

Hi, I'm Rachel Jordan

I help wedding professionals and creative service providers grow successful businesses, magnetically attract soulmate clients and close their premium rates with confidence, so they can earn six figures in their business while also being present wives and mothers.

I've built two successful wedding businesses, including a six figure photography business in two years. I live in small market and don't have a huge following on instagram. I'm proof that you can do things differently and have a wonderful life as a creative professional.

I'm a mom, a wife, a Christian, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been able to rise to the top by refusing to play small and crafting strategies that attract soulmate clients.

Want personalized help?

What if all it took to attract better quality clients was a simple tweak on your website?

Not yet another marketing strategy

Not spending more time on Instagram

Not responding to "photographer wanted" threads on Facebook

But instead making targeted changes to your website that magnetically attracts your soulmate clients and brings in high quality bookings. 

This is EXACTLY what happens when you up-level your messaging and how you communicate with your audience.

I do these really POWERFUL business audits where I go in-depth with you for 15 minutes and give you actionable, personalized strategies for your unique business. 

These business audits are completely free, and it is NOT a sales call. Even if you wanted to buy, you wouldn't be able to.

I know everything Rachel is teaching me is working...

"Thank you Rachel for helping my ideal clients find me. I've done many courses/trainings etc. But yours is the first that actually got me this kind of results."

Gretchen Johnson


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