For wedding professionals wanting to shift into the next level of their business

Is this you?

  • You want to go warp speed in your business this year and are tired of trying to DIY success on your own.
  • You want to feel confident in clearly expressing your value, and consistently attract incredible clients.
  • You want to feel ease and powerful connection with your clients while closing high-end sales that bring cashflow into your business.
  • While you’re bringing in clients and making sales, you are ready to be a high-end six figure+ business owner who funds the life of their dreams with the business of their dreams.


Empowered Weddings is a custom 1:1 coaching program to elevate the quality of wedding clients you attract and position yourself as the clear choice by communicating your value and building a relationship that will have clients saying "Where do I sign?"

You're about to...


Get to know YOUR soulmate clients and discover what makes you uniquely qualified to serve them so that you can magnetically attract perfect-for-you people.


Clearly communicate your value and what makes you the perfect tailored fit for their vision so that you become the only clear choice for their needs.


Craft high end packages that help you confidently close your premium rates without feeling sales-y so you can create financial stability in your business and life.

Empowered weddings follows the proven step-by-step system to build your wedding business that actually works by focusing on getting the foundation of your business in alignment.

This framework is completely unique and one-of-a-kind and will allow you to build an intention-based business foundation that actually gets results.

The Results


"Thank you Rachel for helping my ideal clients find me. I've done many courses/trainings etc. But yours is the first that actually got me this kind of results."

-Gretchen Johnson, Photographer

here's what you will learn

Step 1


Connect with past clients to dive deep into knowing and understanding your soulmate clients. Learn your superpowers, and cure your imposter syndrome in one fell swoop!

Armed with powerful words and a new perspective, you’ll be able to easily bring your messaging into alignment with your heart and your soulmate client’s needs. Bonus, you’ll feel amazing as you hear positive affirmations of how much you meant to your clients, curing imposter syndrome.

Step 2


Get to the core of what makes you different so you can effectively communicate your value to your soulmate clients.  Apply your past client feedback and what you've learned about your unique qualities to your brand.

Bringing your brand into alignment with what makes you uniquely you will be magnetic to your soulmate clients. Don’t be surprised if you immediately begin receiving inquiries with much larger budgets!

Step 3


Close with confidence your elevated experience with elevated prices and welcome perfect-fit clients into your dream wedding experience. 

Feel natural and non-sales-y as you guide clients through making the best choice for their needs and showing up in your full magnetism, confidently and comfortably sharing your value.

This 1:1 coaching experience will lead you through these steps in a naturally organic way, suited to your needs and learning style, with accountability and support from Rachel directly, so you never feel stuck, and you can go warp speed in making dynamic changes to your business with tangible results. You can expect to invest $1,400-$8,000. Payment plans are available.

Ready to go warp speed?

Start with a free 15 min strategy session.

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