Clarity and Confidence Bootcamp

For the wedding professional who is craving the easy rhythm of financial clarity in their business without a crap ton of complicated math.

Ah, the fresh feeling of being responsible.
It feels so freaking good.

There’s a pep in your step
A guilt-free sparkle in your eye

You’ve just walked off the escalator onto your new level
The badass boss who is in control of her business

Where you are now..

  • You feel like a hot mess express with your business finances, even though you're usually a fairly organized, responsible person
  • You're making good sales, but when money comes in, it's a jumbled free-for-all in the bank account
  • You don't yet pay yourself a consistent salary and your business money systems feel unorganized
  • Your money mindset could use some work, you want to receive abundance
  • Understanding how to set profitable rates feels like some sort of hidden industry secret
  • You're CRAVING an easy organized system, but don't want to figure everything out yourself from scratch

Plus other nagging thoughts...

  • Are my rates where they should be? Am I overcharging or undercharging?
  • Why does being responsible with my business finances seem so complicated?
  • I hate feeling behind and reactive to my finances, and I want to be ahead and in control!

It's time for your easy RHythm

No more surprises at tax time
No more feast or famine cycle in your business

Every dollar has a purpose in your business
But you didn’t obsess over the minutia

You KNOW you’re charging profitable rates
You are consistently paying yourself a regular salary

You confidently sell high-end packages
And have a rock solid money mindset that keeps you in growth mode

You have stability and consistency
You support and contribute to your family's dreams with ease

I've spent Years figuring all this out so you don't have to

Plus I'll give you my sexy spreadsheets that do all the math for you.


Step into Profit

  • Discover the true state of your business
  • Introducing your money rhythm
  • Using the sexy spreadsheet that does all the math for you

Dreams = Plans

  • Take your pie-in-the-sky dreams and turn them into practical realities
  • Craft your rates to match real life

Your New Money Story

  • Identify and move past the money mindset blocks holding you back
  • Open yourself up to receive more money
  • Dream big

High-End Packages that SELL

  • Learn the formula for creating high-end packages that sell
  • Create packages that work for YOU and YOUR business

The Bootcamp Includes


Attend the classes live or catch the replay.


I've done the math for you, so you can plug and play.


Join the community and receive support.


One Time Payment


Two Monthly Payments of


-Kristi Romero

From charging $900 to booking $4200 wedding in just a couple months!

"I feel so equipped to do so much that I wouldn't have ever done on my own. I couldn't have gotten here without Rachel.

For perspective, I’ve never even booked four digits before. I couldn't ask for it. I felt bad that I charged $900 for six hours plus of my time, but now I'm living a completely different life.

My goal was to leave my job and become full time. I have officially done that."

-Sarah Hess

My goal coming into this program was to create a system that would enable me to reach my financial goals.

"Rachel does such a great job of laying out all the steps. It's very simple and it works.

It's an investment that keeps on growing because the work that I've put into the foundation steps will continue to pay off year after year."

I've created thorough and easy-to-use spreadsheets that do all the math for you, along with detailed tutorials for how to use them.

Clarity in your business finances can be easy

  • Prioritize getting your financial house in order BEFORE booking season kicks off and BEFORE tax season hits.

  • Get ahead and control the flow of your money instead of making reactive, uninformed decisions.

  • Reward yourself for being a responsible business owner while allocating properly for your expenses and saving for your goals.

  •  Sell packages that are a good fit for your business and bring in more income with ease.

No more feast or famine cycle

  • Create stability and even cashflow throughout the entire year
  • Avoid financial surprises, and be prepared when they do come along
  • Release the pressure of "figuring it all out"
  • Step into the joy of organized and flowing financial ease!

Join me for the bootcamp


One Time Payment


Two Monthly Payments of


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