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About "Empowered Weddings Masterclass"

Take a deep dive into understanding, knowing, and marketing to your ideal client. Let's begin!

Empowered Weddings Masterclass

Members Only Content - Welcome

Members Only Content - Course Documents

Members Only Content - Welcome to Receive

Members Only Content - The Beating Heart of Your Business

Members Only Content - Which Clients Do I Ask?

Members Only Content - Overview of the Questions

Members Only Content - How to Conduct Your Interveiws

Members Only Content - All About You

Members Only Content - Summarize Your Findings

Members Only Content - Welcome to Reposition

Members Only Content - Refining Your Data

Members Only Content - Curating Your Portfolio

Members Only Content - Defining Your Brand Style

Members Only Content - Designing The Homepage

Members Only Content - Collect Your Reviews

Members Only Content - Welcome and Instructions

Members Only Content - Your Goals

Members Only Content - Recognize Your Mindsets

Members Only Content - Reboot Your Mindsets

Members Only Content - Overview of Leads Process

Members Only Content - The Inquiry

Members Only Content - The Questionnaire

Members Only Content - Welcome to Refine

Members Only Content - Foundation in Profit

Members Only Content - Profit in Action

Members Only Content - Using the Easy Profit Calculator

Reveal Sessions for Photographers

Members Only Content - Setting Up Calendly Appointments

Members Only Content - How to Conduct a Reveal Session

Members Only Content - Tips for a Better Reveal Session

About the Teacher

Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan is a wedding photographer and a website and marketing expert. Her dream is making marketing, advertising, and sales easy for you, so you can achieve success and financial freedom with your business.

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