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About "Simply Ideal - Bookings Booster"

The bookings booster course walks you through how to create a Facebook ad funnel so you can automate a predictable flow of wedding bookings to your business. The easy step-by-step process will quickly turn on the flow of clients so you can begin booking clients, whether your business is new or established. Let's get started!

Simply Ideal - Bookings Booster

Getting Started

Members Only Content - First Steps

Members Only Content - Join the Exclusive Facebook Community


Members Only Content - Beginning the Journey of YES

Big picture overview of the Facebook Ads Funnel

Members Only Content - Choose Your Images

Members Only Content - What To Do if You Don’t Have Images

Members Only Content - Glossary of Services

Create Landing Pages

Members Only Content - Overview of Landing Page 1

Overview of the first landing page.

Members Only Content - Overview of Landing Page 2

Overview of the second landing page.

Learn how to create a page without a header or a footer in squarespace

Members Only Content - How to Create a Landing Page in Wix

How to create a landing page with no header in Wix

Create Email Capture

Members Only Content - Getting Started with Flodesk

Get started with a Flodesk account so you can embed your form for email collection on landing page 1.

Create Questionnaire

Members Only Content - The Questionnaire Form

How to create the questionnaire form.

Header Code

Members Only Content - Wordpress/Showit - Custom Header Code

Members Only Content - Wix - Custom Header Code

Members Only Content - Squarespace - Header Code Injection

Learn how to "add code to your header" on Squarespace websites

Members Only Content - Pixiset - Custom Header Code

Embed HTML Forms

Members Only Content - How to Embed an HTML Form in Wix

Learn how to embed an HTML element into your landing pages. This is where you will put your questionnaire form and your email capture form.

Learn how to embed an HTML element in your Squarespace page. Use this for your email capture form and your questionnaire form.

Members Only Content - How to Embed a HTML Form in Pixiset

Members Only Content - How to Embed an HTML Form in Showit

Members Only Content - Create an Email Sequence

Members Only Content - Putting It All Together

Members Only Content - Installing Fullstory

3 Goals

Account Setup

Members Only Content - Opening a Facebook Ads Account

Members Only Content - Setting Up Your Pixel

Members Only Content - Setting Up an Account from Scratch

Creating Your Ad

Members Only Content - Setting Up Your First Ad

Members Only Content - Running Your First Ad

Members Only Content - Booking Your 1 on 1 With Rachel

Members Only Content - Testing Different Versions of Your Ad

Engagement Guide

Members Only Content - Creating an Engagement Guide

4 Lessons

Members Only Content - Big Picture Overview

Members Only Content - Choosing Finalists

Members Only Content - Finalist Call

Members Only Content - Choosing Winners

3 Lessons

Members Only Content - Putting Together Pricing

Members Only Content - Setting Up the Reveal Session

7 Lessons

Members Only Content - The Reveal

Members Only Content - Option 1 - Engagement Purchase

Members Only Content - Option 2 - Wedding Booking

Members Only Content - If they can't decide

Members Only Content - Soft Holds & Booking Bonus

Members Only Content - Ordering Prints

1 Lesson

Members Only Content - Customize Your Engagement Session

Members Only Content - Reveal Session Questionnaire

About the Teacher

Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan is a wedding photographer and a website and marketing expert. Her dream is making marketing, advertising, and sales easy for you, so you can achieve success and financial freedom with your business.

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