Cultivating a Magnetic Mindset

Welcome my friend! Welcome to the Empowered Weddings group! If we have not met before, my name is Rachel, I’m a wedding photographer and business coach. I help wedding photographers elevate the quality of clients they attract, streamline their processes, and develop a profitable high end photography business working with clients they love.

Today we are talking all about cultivating a magnetic mindset!

I love talking about mindset, because it’s one of the things that can really make a huge impact in someone’s life, I know it certainly has for mine.

The reason why working on your mindset is so so important is because behind every action there are thoughts and feelings, and behind thoughts and feelings, there are beliefs and motivations. There are so many beliefs and thought patterns that we grew up with, inherited from our parents, our culture, our life experiences that we never stop to question- until it’s time to grow, then we start to realize that wow, there’s a lot to look at and work through.

As I was writing today, I was realizing how hard it is to talk about mindset in a general fashion, because it is so personal and individualized. For me, working on my own mindset is very personal and very practical- so I hope that you’ll be able to take away some practical steps for your own mindset growth from my experience. If you have a mindset that you’re really struggling with, that you’d like to talk about today, you can post about it in the comments and if there’s any insight I can give you, I’ll make a spot for it here in this training.

What I have found is that there’s a lot of practical steps for growth in your business, like learning how to write better copy, how to take better photographs, and working on skills. As you grow your skills you’re going to hit ceilings in your mindset and your beliefs about the world that keep you stuck. 

For instance, a few years back, I was taking a marketing and sales program, and I was learning the skill of how to market better, but as I was learning these skills, I kept coming up against my belief that no one in my market would pay what I was wanting to charge. It wasn’t until I dealt with that belief, that I could actually see the practical steps I was taking begin to work.

Do I believe that mindset is everything?

No, I don’t. 

I believe mindset work should always be paired with practical action steps, and that practical steps will always lead you to work on your mindset at a deeper level. 

The two paired together is how you grow. 

So today I want to talk about cultivating a magnetic mindset, and being the person who attracts the right people, the right opportunities, and welcomes a lot of peace and prosperity into your life.

I’ve been actively working on becoming magnetic and cultivating an unshakeable mindset this past year, even though I’ve done a lot of work on this in the past, this year has really unlocked some things for me, working with some amazing coaches and really taking the time to grow myself. 

Speaking from my own experience, becoming magnetic had a lot to do with understanding what makes me happy, what makes me feel like I’m in a creative flow and eliminating or limiting the things that keep me out of that space. 

Just like a there’s a difference between a musician who is technically skilled, and able to play a certain piece that is enjoyable to listen, and a musician that’s able to be in the zone, in the pocket and make you FEEL the music in your soul, there’s a difference between doing the steps to make your business grow and BEING magnetic. 

Cultivating a magnetic mindset for me this year has been helped greatly by creating a practice of prayer, worship, and meditation every morning. I drive to the lake or a nearby park, walk around the neighborhood, and give my brain room to think about my own thoughts. I worship and let the Lord speak to my heart about the things that I need clarity about or am resistant to surrendering. I listen to books/podcasts about mindset and money or spiritual growth. 

It’s on these walks and in this alone time that I can start to see the beliefs behind my thoughts and actions at a deeper level. I’m able to have time to be introspective and pull apart the tangled spaghetti of my thoughts and begin to take steps to change them through prayer, affirmations, and getting clarity.

For me, this practice has become like a savings account- you save a little bit of money out of your abundance for a rainy day or for a situation where you need a big chunk of money to uplevel. In the same way, my time alone every morning is my mindset savings account; I worship in the good times, I worship in the hard times, and I have my discipline to fall back on to get myself out of a funk on a rainy day.

Just like the musician who can make you feel the music by being in the zone, when you are being magnetic in your business, you will feel different, you will feel powerful, and you will attract the right people- you can be in the zone and make people FEEL so much more when they are around you. 

Over my experiences of the past years, and especially this year, I have come to recognize some specific mindsets that will absolutely keep you from attracting and receiving what you want in any given situation. 

The biggest one is the Poor Me, victim mentality or self-pity. You might feel like life is against you, the world is against you, a specific person is against you, the market is against you. You’ll hear the voice in your head saying “I can’t because…” or “it won’t work because…”

Here’s why this self-pity posture is SO damaging. Self-pity always comes with blame. You blame another person, you blame the economy, you blame God, you blame something. Because there’s always something or someone to blame, then CLEARLY, you have no ability to fix the problem because it’s not your fault. So in your subconscious, you have matched the problem you are having with a solution. The solution is:  it’s someone else’s fault.

Because you’ve already found the solution, there’s no room in your mind for problem solving or hearing other solutions. There’s literally no room for alternatives. There’s no room for proof of alternatives!

For instance, I’ve had people resist solutions I was sharing with them, saying things like:

“Well it works for you, because you’re successful. I’m struggling.”

“Or, It’s just so hard when you’re in this situation.”

When I have conversations with people who are in self-pity, the resistance to solutions is so strong that the conversation often goes in circles with problem after problem presented and all possible things to try or adjust being resisted or denied credibility. 

“It worked for you, but it won’t work for me because XYZ”

“My market is too crowded to try that”

Someone who is in self-pity, cannot be helped. Until they are able to get out of the weeds and decide to stop blaming anyone or anything else for the situation, they will not be able to see or accept the practical steps for growth. This is why it’s so damaging!

Learning how to shift your energy out of negativity when you feel like you’re in a funk or just having a really hard day/week/month is a skill that can be learned and will serve you greatly. Because, again, if you’re stuck in a funk or just lost in negativity, you will be unable to see the solution. You will actually deny every possible solution in this state.

Being in this state will also tank your sales. Never ever go into a sales call in a negative energy! You want to go into connecting with a potential client with excitement, positivity, creativity- magnetism. 

For me, again, it comes down to knowing what makes me happy and eliminating the things that stress me out, or keep me out of the creative zone. 

So when I need to shift my energy, I first assess whether or not I am entering into self-pity mode, and decide that I am going to be open to solutions, to inspiration, and help.

Then I focus on things that shift my physical energy which usually have something to do with forward momentum like going for a walk, or taking a sprint up and down the street for a few minutes, cranking the music and dancing it out, going for a drive and singing at the top of my lungs. I think if I had a punching bag, that would be fun too. 

Then I focus on things that get me into the creative flow- things that I can feel my soul opening up for, things that are incredibly fun and enjoyable. For me, that is usually making music. I have a lot of my best ideas or creative breakthroughs when I’m playing the piano, or singing my heart out in the car. 

After this, I can usually see a step or many steps that I can take to move myself forward. My energy is up and I’m feeling much more clear and ready to receive. 

Every time I’m going through a big uplevel, I know to expect mindset issues that I thought I “got over” to come back up and need to be dealt with at a deeper level, so now I know the steps I need to take- 

Make sure I’m clear of self-pity, get my physical energy up, get into the flow of creativity, and release negativity. Having a daily habit of clearing my mind, receiving, and doing affirmations has certainly propelled me into a lot more magnetism and intentional growth personally and in business this year!

This is just one of the many mindset things we talk about in the Empowered Weddings program with lots of personal support for whatever mindset struggles you are working through in the moment paired with practical actions to take that propel your business forward.

If you want some personalized help with your marketing and seeing where you can improve your website and attract the high-end brides, you know that I offer free 15 minute business audits. These audits are not sales calls, they are literally there to help you get clarity on all this, and to help you take that first step forward. If you want to have a free 15 minute audit with me, go ahead and type AUDIT in the comments or you can PM me the word AUDIT and I’ll message you the link to book that right away! If you’re listening to the podcast, you can go to to book yours today.

Rachel Jordan


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