Take the guesswork out of marketing your photography business.

How to book high end weddings, step-by-step.

Something isn't clicking

Hi! I'm Rachel! If you're like me, you started a photography business because you love photography! 

But capturing those high end clients now has you stressing about your marketing, and it all feels so complicated.

You wish someone could just boil down the steps you need to take and just make it SIMPLE.

So I want to know from you:

what's your single biggest struggle with marketing your business?

Because I want to help make marketing your business and booking high end wedding clients


In exchange for your


I'd love to gift you a free copy of my e-book, "Easy Ideal Client Mastery for Wedding Professionals" where I spill the secrets to growing your income by 300% or more, by adjusting your marketing to speak directly to your ideal clients.

in 32 easy to read pages

This Book will show you How to

  • Attract  ideal client without guesswork
  • Adjust your website to "have them at hello"
  • Become a high end client magnet
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Get established as an expert
  • Recover from burnout
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