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Get the EXACT strategies I use to attract high-end clients into my six figure photography business from the very first day I opened my doors.

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Inside the group, I host weekly live trainings, drop loads of value & answer questions around attracting high-end clients.

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Attracting people that can’t afford you?

If you’re a wedding professional wanting to make six figures this year and you're not CONSISTENTLY attracting ready-to-invest, high-end clients...

...Here's exactly why this is happening.

Without a CLEAR message SPECIFICALLY designed to speak to your unique, ready to invest, soulmate clients…

You WILL attract budget inquiries, ghosters, and clients who are a poor fit.

…which means you spend a bunch of time hustling to make sales (and getting discouraged by wasting your time with people that can’t afford you).

Without even realizing it, the words you’re using on your website, and the images you are showcasing are very likely actually repelling high end clients and speaking to people that care more about their budget than the experience.

Here's how I can help - book a free 15-min 1-on-1 call with me. I will look at your website and give you specific and direct feedback on what needs to be improved in order to make sure you are NOT speaking to the budget shoppers and instead speak to those who are actively looking for an elevated, high-end experience.

Book yours today! I only open my calendar to a few per week and slots go fast.

WARNING: this is NOT a sales call. This is a no-pitch, value only call for wedding professionals and photographers who want specific feedback.

At this time, we are not able to help beauty professionals with a salon-centered business model. 

If you don't see a time slot that works for you, send an email to and let me know.

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