Hi, I'm Rachel Jordan

business coach for photographers

and wedding professionals

Here's my story in a nutshell

I'm a wedding photographer and business coach helping wedding professionals elevate the quality of leads they attract by upgrading their marketing and messaging, free their time so they can profitably grow with systems and processes, and confidently build a luxury client experience that keeps people coming back for more!

I've built two successful wedding business, the first as a makeup artist, and secondly as a photographer. I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I LOVE helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster and stronger.

It wasn't always like this. I was a new mom with a lot of hobbies and dreams, trying to make my business profitable, hustling, and trying to figure out what to do and say to attract luxury clients.

I succeeded in getting booked up with a lot of effort, but with mediocre clients who didn't fully appreciate the beautiful world-class experience that I brought to the table. I got stuck at a mid-range price point despite being REALLY good at what I did. Something just wasn't clicking.

I took a step back, invested in mentorship and training, and made some big changes to my messaging, the clients I was speaking to, and the content I was putting out into the world. I took the time to create systems and processes so that my business could run without my daily involvement, so I could be the present mother I wanted to be.

I radically changed my messaging, my client experience, and my behind the scenes processes, and made my business into a lean, client attracting machine.

Today, I help my clients do the same.

No more feeling trapped by a business that takes all of your time, but doesn't attract the clients you want to work with.

You attract soulmate clients with minimal effort
Because your messaging, and your profit processes do the work for you.

You are free to profitably grow, because your business is rock solid.

You attract clients who are the perfect fit for you 
and who are happy and excited to pay your newly elevated rates

But, what I've learned is that in order to unlock the next level in your business
your mindset will also need an upgrade.

It's about KNOWING that you are WORTHY of the business you aim to attract, and the energy that you rest in that takes you to new heights.

It's about knowing what to say and who to have relationships with to bring in the right people.

This is what I experience in my business,

and it's what I can teach you too!

Want personalized help?

What if all it took to attract better quality clients was a simple tweak on your website?

Not yet another marketing strategy

Not spending more time on Instagram

Not responding to "photographer wanted" threads on Facebook

But instead making targeted changes to your website that magnetically attracts your soulmate clients and brings in high quality bookings. 

This is EXACTLY what happens when you up-level your messaging and how you communicate with your audience.

I do these really POWERFUL business audits where I go in-depth with you for 15 minutes and give you actionable, personalized strategies for your unique business. 

These business audits are completely free, and it is NOT a sales call. Even if you wanted to buy, you wouldn't be able to.

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